Children and Youth Safety

At Trinity Lutheran Church we regard Children and Youth Safety with the utmost of importance.  All staff and volunteers are trained to protect our Youth and that their safety comes first.

  • We check references for all paid staff, including clergy, who have contact with minors.
  • We check references of all volunteers who will work with minors.
  • We conduct criminal background checks of all paid staff and volunteers who work with minors.
  • We train all volunteers and paid staff who work with children or youth to understand the nature of child abuse and methods of abuse prevention.
  • We train all volunteers and paid staff who work with children or youth in how to carry out our policies to prevent child abuse.
  • Our paid staff and volunteers are informed of state law requirements regarding child abuse and our responsibility for reporting incidents.
  • We have a reporting procedure for a suspected incident of child abuse that follows the requirements of our state law.
  • We have insurance coverage available in case a child abuse complaint occurs.
  • We have a defined response plan to be implemented in case an allegation of child abuse is made against someone in our organization.
  • We take our policies to prevent child abuse seriously, and we are committed to their enforcement for the safety and security of all of our children.

Preventing Youth and Child Sex Abuse

Finally, here is some more information about safety at Trinity Lutheran Church, Walford:

Child/Youth Safety Information